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XMLArchive was inaugurated from August 2008, to pulblish open access books in XML form according to the NCBI Book Document Type Definition (DTD), a public domain DTD developed at NCBI. Although the language is Korean or English, the XML format is same that of NCBI Book Shelf.


Respiratory Infection Prevention Education Program –Based on Social Cognitive Theory (호흡기감염예방 교육프로그램 -사회인지이론 기반-)

Smartphone Overdependence Prevention Program–Based on Self-Determination Theory (자기결정성이론 기반 대학생 스마트폰 과의존 예방프로그램)

Check lists for society journal editors to add their journals to indexing databases

Team-Based Learning on Good Research Practice for Faculties

Is my journal eligible to be indexed in international databases?

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